Middleboro, Indiana

Middleboro, Indiana is located on the east fork of the middle fork of the Whitewater River in the northeast quadrant of Wayne Township in Wayne County, Indiana.

The main "street" through town is Indiana State Road 227, also known as Middleboro Pike. Middleboro is approximately six miles north of Richmond, Indiana, one mile from the eastern border of the state. [MAP]


The area was settled by Quakers from North Carolina during the early 1800's. One of the first businesses in the area was a grist mill built by Jeremiah Cox, Jr., the son of one of Richmond's founders, Jeremiah Cox Sr.. Due to the importance of the mill to the area, the settlement was originally called "Cox's Mill". The book, History of Wayne County, says of the mill:

"built six miles north of Richmond, [the mill] afforded great relief to the northern settlers who had formerly had to take their grain to Richmond to be ground. But, like other early and cheaply constructed mills, it could not serve them in the dry and very cold seasons of the year. It was enclosed in a log building, and had two runs of stones. Having no elevators, the miller, when the wheat was ground, had to carry the flour in a sack up to the bolting chest. This mill was visited from a great distance by men and boys bringing grain on horseback along the new and winding paths through the woods."

In the book "The Mills of Wayne County",   published on June 19, 1912 by William O. Wissler, Cox's Mills are described as follows on page 36:

Cox's Mills are located six miles north of Richmond.  Jeremiah Cox, Jr., settled here in 1811.  Soon after, he built a grist-mill, sheltered by a house made of poles cut twenty feet long.  It would grind two bushels of corn per hour in favorable water stage.  He increased his facilities in a short time and was the first to use a flour elevator in the county.  In 1827 he built a stone mill which he operated until 1860, when he went out of business.  This building is still standing.  There was also a saw-mill on this site.

Robert Cox, a son of Jeremiah Cox, Jr., learned the trade of a millwright with Nathan Hollingsworth of Richmond.  In 1834 at the age of twenty he erected a frame mill one-fourth of a mile east of the present brick structure where he did an extensive business for more than twenty years.  In 1860 he built the brick mill and fitted it out with the bust milling machinery.  He was succeeded by his son, Joseph Cox.   The mill has been fitted up with roller process machinery and is run by water power and a gasoline engine.  It is operated by a company composed of Joseph Cox, Harvey Cook and Lynn Boyd, with Alistus Little as miller.

The mill is still standing and is now a private residence. [ Pictures of Mills & River]

In the book, History of Wayne County, Middleboro is also referred to as Middleborough (p.47).


One of the most memorable features of Middleboro, is the church that has stood on the curve of Middleboro Pike (Indiana 227) in the middle of town for many years. Middleboro United Methodist Church, or The Church By the Side of the Road, serves as a spiritual and social gathering place for the surrounding countryside.

Services and Sunday School are held on Sunday Morning. All are welcome.


The Middleboro area (North to Filby Road) is served by Richmond Community Schools. Children in grades K-5 attend Highland Heights Elementary. Grades 6-8 attend Test Middle School and grades 9-12 attend Richmond High School.


The most prevalent businesses in the area are family farms, many that have been owned by the same family for several generations.

Current non-agricultural businesses around the Middleboro area include:

Located approximately one mile south of Middleboro on 227, Grandpa's Farm Campground has been owned and operated by the same family for three decades.

They have RV hookups, laundry facilities, showers, rec. room, swimming pool, creek access. Call for rates and further details.


Grandpa's Farm Campground
4244 North State Road 227
Richmond, IN 47374
(765) 962-7907

Located approximately one mile north of Middleboro in Franklin Township, Barrett Paving Materials, Inc. provides crushed limestone and gravel to the construction industry.

The quarry was originally begun by a local company, DeBolt's, but is now owned by a conglomerate from New Jersey.

Barrett Paving Materials, Inc.
5834 Inke Road
Richmond, IN 47374
(765) 962-6596

Former Businesses that many who are from this area will remember:

JOE MOORE'S GROCERY, affectionately known as Joe's, served as the retail and social gathering place for the area, from the 1950's to the 1970's. The store originally stood on the southeast corner of 227 and Hollansburg but was torn down and replaced by a more modern store on the northeast corner. The former store is now a private residence.

Many growing up in the area remember Joe's as THE place for spending their allowance on penny candy. Adults remember how handy it was not to have to drive all the way to Richmond for that forgotten grocery item you remembered just before suppertime. Joe's also served as a convenient gathering place to meet with your neighbor to compare crop reports.

HONEY PLANT - converted from the old school house located on Cook Road, between 227 and Porterfield Road, the Honey Plant was owned by Earl Alexander who used the building to refine the honey from the bees he kept on his local farms. Honey produced here was sold locally as Four Clover Brand.


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