Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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No greater gift can God bestow
On humble people here below
Than the cherished gift of a new-born life.
The feel of warmth and cuddleness
Deep, rooted pride and happiness,
Fulfill, the love of a man and wife.

Parents blindly plan, but cannot see
The niche carved out for their progeny
In the fateful years that lie ahead.
No one knows what the days will bring,
Exulted success or failure's sting,
Or a candle snuffed, prematurely instead.

Nothing on earth can yet compare
To the solemn union of a beloved pair
That proceed to propagate the human chain.
Rewarding stakes strewn every where,
Surmountable challenges, to gracefully bear-
That no life, shall have been born in vain.


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1963 Audrey Cofield
First Edition 1963
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