Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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The wondrous call of new born spring
Has taken away the cold bleak sting.
Though life be uncertain with each new day -
Nature never alters her given course
The seasons change with infinite force,
And man labors on in his earthly way.

The trees bear new leaves fresh and green
Transforming the cold drab winter's scene
And the earth everywhere takes on a new glow.
Animals graze on the grassy lea,
One hears the sound of the droning bee.
Revived with animation for the honey flow.

The farmer turns the cold black earth
Where growth of seeds will spell his worth
Then puts his faith in the hands of God.
The balmy sun in orbit draws near
To penetrate the world with cheer,
And a miracle is wrought beneath the sod!


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1963 Audrey Cofield
First Edition 1963
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