Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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Countless stars twinkled in the Heavens,
      lighting up the dark of night.
The rhythmic breath of one in deep repose
resounded in the stillness.  Yieldingly I lost my fight-
with sweet oblivion, as I feel within the clutches of
      my woes.

The shambles of the past must be erased
      before the tomorrows,
A fresh start with each dawn of a new day,
eradicating yesterday's hurts and deep sorrows,
that have fallen ruthlessly in life's turbulent fray.

Sleep, God's merciful gift is a blessing
      and a healer in despair,
There can no joy begot n wakefulness,
only, in restful peace, devoid of care,
Can one re-weave the threads of worldly stress.


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1963 Audrey Cofield
First Edition 1963
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