Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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A Day in May

Today the tulips drooped broken and torn
And the bushes and shrubs loomed beat,
The fields and gardens were a watery grave
Over weeds unscarred by defeat.

The hidden sun and the sullen sky
Made the world a vision of gloom,
Holding back the millions of tiny buds
Awaiting to burst into bloom.

The farmers housed from the beating rain
Were captives of Nature's rampage,
Like animals doomed to discontent
As they pace in their iron barred cage.

It seems so wrong that the days be dark,
And a sadness comes over the earth,
When all the remains of winter's blast
Are staging their annual rebirth.

But some day again the sun will shine
And the days will be bright and clear.
Too soon we will find, on the sands of time,
We have added another brief year!


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