Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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To A Water Wheel

Little wheel beneath our spring
You are such a restless thing.
Always running never still
Fed by water from yon hill.

Round and round your paddles go
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow.
Only God controls the speed
With the water that you need.

Giant wheels once used for power
Crushed the wheat grains into flour.
Farmers came from miles around
To have their harvest yearly ground.

The miller quite a dusty sight
Always wore a suit of white.
A foggy mill with roaring din
Greeted those who went within.

Yes, little wheel to me you bring
A picture of a by-gone thing.
The passing years have sped so fast
I've laid aside the childhood past.

Older minds are prone to stray
Down the path of by gone day.
You have wakened thoughts long still,
A thrilling visit to a mill.


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