Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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The Frightened Ducklings

The soft warm breeze stirred lambent waves,
The sun sent down a glow
Which flaunted dazzling diamonds
Upon the pond below.

We wandered to the jagged brink
Where frogs jumped in with fright,
And squealed at our invasion
As the vanished out of sight.

A mother duck with ducklings four
Was paddling all around,
We watched their natant antics
When we sensed they heard our sound.

Our unceremonious intrusion
Adumbrated on their fun,
So, in quickened apprehension
The submerged in unison.

They swam beneath the rippling waves
To disseminate in flight,
And see a wooded refuge
Secure, and out of sight.

We never saw them reach the shore,
But new, with anticipation,
They were crouching in a cryptic place
Awaiting convocation.


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