Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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A Feeling in the Air

There is a change of weather coming.
     There's a brewing in the air,
The pony prances restlessly
     Up and down the hill out there.

The canine at our window,
     With her eyes pleads eagerly,
To come inside the cozy house
     And share my company.

My aches strike intermittently,
     And a blueness seems to reign,
There is no remedy but work
     To alleviate the pain.

The hounds will bay in unison
     As they roam our fields tonight,
We shall hear  the eerie cadence,
     That will fill wild life with fright.

The Diesel at the crossing
     That we scarcely heard before,
Will sound as if it's racing
     Round the shed at our back door.

All these things for some weird reason,
     Seem to spell an unknown clue,
We have no need for barometers,
     When a storm is passing through.


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