Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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Nature's Tabernacle

I lift my head and cast my eyes
To the infinite Heavens of blue,
And dwell on the breadth of creation
Where beautiful clouds float through.
Then, I know there is a Creator
That has fashioned this boundless space,
And started the stream of humanity
That was destined the human race.

Here lies, not a man made structure
But, hills and valleys and trees.
Where man in such humble surroundings
Can think and believe as he please.
No creed nor law can tell him,
No one confuse or debate.
Out n this open cathedral
He thinks for himself of his fate.

No fashionable church of grandeur
With its windows and statues of art,
Can ever portray in their beauty
What Nature fulfills from the heart.
And so, I find solace and comfort,
As I gaze in this infinite span,
And think, how minutely we figure
In this vast and colossal plan!


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