Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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Indolently I sat on the sandy beach
Poetically thinking aloud.
Awed by the Heavens of blue above
Apart from the maddening crowd.

With paper and pen I began to indite,
To corral my thoughts into rhyme.
Absorbed in such placid surroundings
I was lost mid the passing of time.

I could feel the closeness of living things,
Creatures hidden away from my sight,
Who, in the nocturnal habits
Were sure to enliven the night.

The rhythmic whisper of moving ripples,
The soft breeze sweeping the loch,
The glistening sparkling water
Agitating round the dock.

A vociferous plane high over head,
Coming into view, then passing by,
Releasing a silver vapor trail
Ascending in the sky.

I lay back on a bed of sand,
Where the sun's translucent ray,
Like a balmy tranquilizer
Soothed my many cares away.

Amid such voluptuous verdure,
The world seemed almost new.
Just basking in the sunshine,
Can breathe new life in you.


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