Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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 The Pot of Gold

Lackadaisically we wandered
To the pond one summer night,
To see if bass and bluegill
Were in the mood to bite.

Some clouds were slowly gathering
In the balmy atmosphere,
And little tiny raindrops
Were beginning to appear.

The glistened in the sunshine,
And fell upon our face,
They splattered little sunken dots
Upon each dusty place.

The lighten sky foretold us
The rain would soon be gone,
And so with quickened measure
We traveled jovially on.

The eastern sky was radiant,
For hanging way up high,
Was an iridescent rainbow
Arched remotely in the sky.

Its pastel shades of blue and pink
Of lavender and gold,
In their dramatic splendor
Was a picture to behold.

We stopped awhile to meditate,
And then went on our way,
For we would find the pot of gold,
If bass should bite this day!


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