Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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In the Garden

Down the winding flagstone path
Into a garden fair,
Tandem flowers grow prolifically
Burst florescent every where.

Roses bloom upon the trellis
Arched above a swinging gate,
Where a wren flits uneasy
Waiting for his nesting mate.

Butterflies in parti-color,
Flaunt their beauty to and fro,
Fluctuating round the blossoms,
Where the morning-glories grow.

Eventide picks up cool dew drops
Sprinkles them in the morning air,
All the garden shines with diamonds
When the sun sends downs a glare.

Flowers speak a potent language,
Say what people cannot say.
Strolling through a bloom filled garden
Brightens up a doleful day.


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