Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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Emollient Atmosphere

To browse at our pond on a clear balmy day,
Enhances the quest for peace.
Inhaling the crisp and refreshing air,
Endows on your life a new lease.

The croaking frogs and flashing birds,
As they waft down low in flight,
Enliven the tranquile atmosphere
Where the fishes so ardently bite.

It's a charming haven, a paradise nook,
Carved out by God and man.
Where a sprightly spring with its endless flow,
Replenishes all that it can.

The quaint little shack on the slope of the hill,
With its windows flung open so wide,
Is a challenging bit of inducement
To enter the rustic inside.

Oh, would that the would weary people,
Distraught by mechanical din,
Could remotely conceive the enchantment
That a pond animates from within.


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