Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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Falling Snow

The morning chores were finished,
     The Sabbath morn was new,
Our kitchen was deserted
     For my puttering there was through.

I sat down by the window
     Gazed at the leaden sky,
And marveled at the snowflakes
     As they came wafting by.

They clung to trees and rooftops,
     Invested fields below,
Veneered the barren valley
     With a clean celestial snow.

Our flock of sheep stood munching,
     Where hay was thrown round.
A clan of lambs was jumping
     With stiff legs upon the ground.

My thoughts turned to the city,
     Of dashing cars that past,
Where this brevity of splendor
     In its ivory state can't last.

And then I deeply pondered,
     For my life is rich I know,
When I can sit in comfort,
     And watch the falling snow.

There is no one living near me,
     I'm a recluse from the heart,
For when it comes to Nature,
     I shall always be a part!


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