Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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Winter Textiles On Display

Mother Nature has draped her winters cloth
     Over the counters of her dry-goods store,
Where yards and yards of merchandise
     Are on display for all to explore.

The rolling hills of shimmering white,
     Lay in folds of luxurious worth,
And the roughen texture of brown and white
     Are tweeds of fresh turned earth.

The pines of green on a white background,
     Paint a print of authentic design,
While the azure blue of the satin sky
     Stands at the top of the winter's line.

All this I imaged from my window pane,
     As I sipped at my invigorating tea,
Reminiscing the countless poets
     Who have been smitten by weird fantasy!


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1963 Audrey Cofield
First Edition 1963
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