Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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'Tis like a cyclone's madness brewing,
When we start our Christmas stewing,
All the going
Without knowing
What the family really want!
When I hear the carols merry
Then I know I mustn't tarry
But go into the city and start my yearly hunt!

When at last we're finally finished,
And our pocket books diminished,
All the hurry
Turns to worry,
Are the things I bought alright?
Then in bed I toss and tumble,
Turn and fret and ever grumble,
For me there is no peace on earth this night!

When I wake up with the dawning
All sleepy eyed and yawning,
The the bustle
And the hustle
Seems to make the season bright.
Our Christmas tree enchanting
Sets my mind to constant planning
Toward a happy playful evening with the children
Christmas night

T'is like treading the unknown
Where the wrappings all are thrown,
The surprises
And wrong sizes
Lay around upon the floor.
Then we talk and play in laughter,
Sing the carols sometime after,
Then with a , "Merry Christmas", we see them to the door!


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