Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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Christmas Aftermath

All over again is the Christmas thrill,
     Gone is the rush and display.
Time again to recuperate
      From the worn nerves in the fray.

The last remains of the turkey is crushed
      By the puppy who wags his tail,
Left-overs linger with no appeal,
      The mail man has diminished his mail.

A sadness comes over the little clan
      As the tree is stripped of its glow,
Lights and tinsel are stored again
      And down comes the mistletoe.

New gifts remain to be put away,
      Among the tried and true.
No peace of mind with the salesmen find
      Until the exchanging is through.

And now we again face another new year,
      Not knowing just what it will bring.
There will be cold and snow, that we know,
      Before the song birds sing!


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