Seasons of Life by Audrey Cofield

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Income Tax Time

Who is there living
      Who hates not the day,
You compile yearly figures
      To see what you'll pay
To dear Uncle Sam,
      Who so thoughtfully sent you
That big padded letter
      That set you a-stew.
You procrastinate hopefully,
      and lingeringly wait
For, there are still several days
      Till the dead-line date.

Wife itemizes all day,
      You add into night,
Wind up in an argument
      On whose figures are right.
You both get so befuddled
      You seek outside aid;
Although, you never did account
      For the money you made -
You write out a check,
      Seal the flap with a smear,
Think; what a heck of a way
      To wind up a year!


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